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We are a peruvian company dedicated to grow and export high quality organic produce sourced from smallholder farmers. By partnering with farming communities from the biodiverse rainforest, the majestic Andes and the magical coastal desert, we grow fresh products that exceed customer satisfaction and the industry’s quality standards.
In an industry where informality runs rampant, we are proud to operate differently: in an ethical manner that supports local farmers and improves the quality of life for surrounding communities while staying committed to environmental responsibility.

Founded in 2006 by three former organic inspectors and good agricultural practices auditors, La Grama continuously strives to set higher standards in the areas of traceability, food safety, organic oversight, and welfare for our workers. Because for us, organic is not enough.

Our founding team

Rodrigo Bedoya

Passionate about the organic produce industry and ethical leadership, Rodrigo leads the company’s vision and handles the marketing and ginger sales strategy. Caring, empathic, assertive and a perfectionist. Deeply interested in generating positive change.

Diego Del Solar

Concerned about optimal quality and deeply involved in the agribusiness regulation system, Diego leads our certifications and sustainability initiatives and takes care of our avocado sales strategy. Creative, empathic, generous and kind leader. Always seeking for La Grama to be known around the world.

Janos Kadar

Deeply involved in processes, machinery optimization and facilities operation, Janos leads all of our operations innovations. Great sense of humor, dynamic, passionate and energetic. Always working towards La Grama’s continuous improvement.

Jaime Bellido

Jaime joined the team in 2015, adding a deeper knowledge and experience in business administration and analytics. With great leadership capabilities and care for people, he became a perfect fit as La Grama’s president. Detail oriented, observative, perfectionist and responsible. Always looking for La Grama’s holistic success.